1. Inflatables are not to be operated in inclement weather.(see below)
  3. No shoes allowed in/on inflatables (socks and barefeet only)
  4. No loose or sharp objects like eyeglasses or jewelry allowed
  5. No food, gum or drinks allowed in/on inflatables. No silly string, party popper or firecrackers in or around the inflatable units.
  6. No pushing, shoving or tackling allowed
  7. Riders are not to pull or climb on nets, walls, supports or roof
  8. Children should be grouped by size – younger, smaller children should be separate from older, bigger kids
  9. Riders who do not follow rules will be removed from the ride
  10. Renters are not to move or roll-up inflatables. Corners and tie-downs must be staked or weighted with sandbags at all times.



  • Inflatables are not to be operated in rainy conditions. Vinyl gets extremely slippery when wet, which increases the likelihood of injury to riders.
  • If it’s a light rain, drizzle or quick shower, leave the blower running
  • If it’s a steady, heavier rain, turn off the blower and let the units deflate by itself. If possible,
    fold the unit over and cover with a tarp.


Inflatables are not to be operated in winds in excess of 25 mph. This is a dangerous condition, and the blower should be turned off and disconnected, deflating the unit. A good rule of thumb, is when papers get blown around consistently by the wind.


If there is a loss of power, do not panic. Calmly help the riders exit. There is nothing sharp that should injure riders, and you may need to lift up part to assist riders who are exiting. When all riders are out, check all power connections (at outlet and extension connections), if everything is in tact, check the breaker. Power blowers require a significant amount of ampage and circuits may trip if other high-power items are used.