Rockland County Indoor Bounce House

Indoor Unit Bounce House

Indoor Bounce House

Bounce Houses are not just for the summer anymore!!

Our newest items are only eight feet high – excellent for pre-schools, daycares, rental hall events, and other indoor facilities.

We have 13x13ft and 10x10ft models.

“We are never having another summer party without some kind of bouncy house. The kids had a blast all day long, and we had time to catch up with our friends!” – Michael R.

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Rockland County is a suburban area located 15 miles outside of Manhattan. It is a part of the New York City Metropolitan Area. The name is derived from “rocky land” which is how the early settlers described the area. The county seat is the hamlet of New City, NY. One third of the county is parkland, therefor the county is designated as a Preserve American Community.

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